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Click to watch Barbara Hammer introduce herself to Films for the Feminist Classroom.

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Journal Issue 2.supplement
Summer 2010
Edited by Deanna Utroske, Agatha Beins, Karen Alexander, Julie Ann Salthouse, and Jillian Hernandez
Managing Editor: Katherine O’Connor


Introduction: Barbara Hammer, Filmmakers, Feminists, and Mentoring
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Deanna Utroske

An Interview with Barbara Hammer
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Deanna Utroske and the FFC editorial collective

A Portal to Dream Worlds: Experimental Film in the Community College Classroom
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Barbara Klutinis

One Filmmaker’s Passion: A Retrospective Search for Inspiration
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Erin Harper

Learning from Barbara Hammer’s Living Archive
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Nazita Matres Rezai

Generations: A Feminist Film as a Feminist Classroom
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Gina Carducci

Videos in the Kitchen: The Lesbian Herstory Archives as a Moving-Herstorical-Image
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Shawn(ta) D. Smith

Q & A: How this Issue’s Essayists Came to Know Barbara Hammer’s Work, How They Describe Her, and Which Films They Like Best
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Compiled by Deanna Utroske

Films for the Feminist Classroom, ISSN: 1948-3066



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