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Still from Good Food.(dir. Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young, 2008). Used with permission from


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Journal Issue 2.2
Fall 2010
Edited by Agatha Beins, Deanna Utroske, Julie Ann Salthouse, Jillian Hernandez, and
Karen Alexander

Editorial Assistant: Julie Chatzinoff


Special Feature


Explicit Educations: The Pedagogical Ethics of Utilizing Sexually Explicit Films in the Feminist Classroom
By Jillian Hernandez
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The Pedagogy of Pornography: Teaching Hardcore Media in a Feminist Studies Classroom
By Mireille Miller-Young
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Intimate Literacies: The Ethics of Teaching Sexually Explicit Films
By Celine Parreñas Shimizu
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Risky Lessons: Thinking/Viewing/Talking Sex in the Feminist Classroom
By Carlos Decena
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Human Touch: Pain and Power
(dir. Vejan Lee Smith, 1995)

Awful Normal
(dir. Celesta Davis, 2004)

Searching for Angela Shelton
(dir. Angela Shelton, 2004)
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Reviewed by

Claire Kaplan

Good Food
(dir. Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young, 2008)

Ladies of the Land
(dir. Megan Thompson, 2007)

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Carmen Bain

Living Broke in Boom Times: Lesson From the Movement to End Poverty
(dir. Peter Kinoy and Pamela Yates, 2007)
Walking with FUREE
(dir. Miriam Perez, 2005)
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Premilla Nadasen

Women Organize!
(dir. Joan E. Biren, 2000)

Clara Lemlich: A Strike Leader’s Diary
(dir. Alex Szalat, 2004)

The Women of Brukman: Revolutionary Spirit in the Wake of Argentina’s Economic Meltdown
(dir. Issac Isitan, 2008)

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Bill Corlett

Who Gives Kisses Freely From Her Lips
(dir. Simin Farkhondeh and Third Wheel Newsreel, 2009)

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Juliet A. Williams

The Grace Lee Project
(dir. Grace Lee, 2005)
Two Lies
(dir. Pam Tom, 1989)
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Lee Ann Wang

Period: The End of Menstruation?
(dir. Giovanna Chesler, 2006)
Period Piece
(dir. Jennifer Frame, Jay Rosenblatt, 1996)
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Sharra L. Vostral

Daughters Of Wisdom
(dir. Bari Pearlman, 2007)

Conversations across the Bosphorous
(dir. Jeanne C. Finley, 1995)

Living Goddess
(dir. Ishbel Whitaker, 2008)
The Noble Struggle of Amina Wadud
(dir. Elli Safari, 2007)

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Heidi E. Rademacher

Toilet Training
(dir. Tara Mateik, 2003)
Cruel and Unusual
(dir. Janet Baus, Dan Hunt, and Reid Williams,, 2006)
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Toby Beauchamp

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