Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Mary Hawkesworth, Editor

Challenging the boundaries of knowledge concerning women's and men's lives in diverse regions of the globe, Signs publishes scholarship that raises new questions and develops innovative approaches to our understanding of the past and present.  We welcome discipline-based and interdisciplinary research that illuminates processes of racialization, sexualization, and gendering that operate through interpersonal dynamics and familial relations; national and international institutions; laws and policies; organizational norms; practices of production and consumption; divisions of labor; patterns of skilling and deskilling; distributions of political rights and economic opportunities; regulation of domesticity, mobility, and migration; regimes of visibility and invisibility; mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion; verbal and visual representations; ideological formations; and cultural production.  Whether critical, theoretical, or empirical, articles published in Signs generate theories, concepts, analytical categories, and methodological innovations that enable new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing, and new ways of living.

Signs is published by the University of Chicago Press. The editorial office for the journal is located at Rutgers University and sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies Department.


Films for the Feminist Classroom
Films for the Feminist Classroom (FFC), is a free, electronic, review of films that are suitable for use in the feminist classroom. Edited by Rutgers Women’s and Gender Studies graduate students, FFC publishes critical assessments of films with the aim of providing the feminist scholarly and teaching community with an archive of reviews that enhance the pedagogical use of film.

Featured Article: From the Signs Archive
“The Logic of Masculinist Protection: Reflections on the Current State” by Iris Marion Young, Autumn 2003, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 1-25.

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