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Journal Issue 2.1
Spring 2010
Edited by Deanna Utroske, Julie Ann Salthouse, Jillian Hernandez, and
Karen Alexander
Editorial Assistant: Katherine O’Connor

  About the Reviewers

Jennifer L. Fluri ( is an assistant professor in the Geography Department and Women's and Gender Studies Program at Dartmouth College. She received her PhD in 2005 from Pennsylvania State University with a dual degree in Geography and Women's Studies. Her research interests include gender politics, geopolitics, social justice, and economic development with a regional focus on south and southwest Asia. She has published articles on feminist nationalism, transnational technologies and political resistance, the gender politics of "western" modernity in Afghanistan, and the spatial and social structures of international aid/development in Kabul.


Susan Richmond

Ruth Nicole Brown

Porshe Renee Garner

Régine Jean-Charles

Cynthia R. Daniels


Joan Grassbaugh Forry

Laurie Schaffner

Catherine Raissiguier

Felicity Shaeffer-Grabiel

Alexandra Hidalgo


Karen W. Tice

Jennifer L. Fluri

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