Special Feature

We Learn Together: A Conversation about Feminist Film Pedagogy with Frances Negrón-Muntaner and Elisabetta Diorio

Reflections from Frances Negrón-Muntaner’s Former Students

Turning Research Objectives into Reality: Why Faculty Dedicated to Interdisciplinary Work and Diversity Matter

by Chelsea Good Abbas

Days With(in): At the Intersection between Art and Politics

by Hayat Aljowaily

Frances Negrón-Muntaner: Inside the Laboratory

by Siena Sofia Bergt

Feminist Pedagogy in Medias Res

by Michelle Cheripka

Media Production: A Tool for Grieving

by Crystal Herrera Pereira

Intimate Images: The World within a Memory

by Julia Rocha

Finding Creative Grounding through Media Inquiry

by Reva Santo

Power of Media: Providing Platforms for Critique and Change

by Kelly Wan

Lesson Plan

A Body of Work – Labor Organizing in the Sex Industry

by Veronica Popp




Mayesha Alam

Tunisian Women

dir. Hajer Ben Nasr, 2013

Forbidden Voices

dir. Barbara Miller, 2012

Debarati Sen

Growing Change

dir. Simon Cunich, 2011

After Winter, Spring

dir. Judith Lit. Oley, 2012

Natalie Lira

A Dangerous Idea

dir. Stephanie Welch, 2017


dir. Lorna Tucker, 2018

Erin L. Durban and Miranda Joseph


dir. Jason Benjamin, 2016

Pride Denied

dir. Kami Chisholm, 2016

Tal Peretz

The Mask You Live In

dir. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2015

The Empathy Gap

dir. Thomas Keith, 2015

Ayelet Zohar

Water Children

dir. Aliona van der Horst, 2011

ANPO: Art X War

dir. Linda Hoaglund, 2010

Jessica Shaw

Birth on the Border

dir. Ellie Lobovits, 2018

Abortion Access in the Maritimes

dir. Stephanie Brown and Patrick McGuire, 2016

The Philippines’ Baby Factory

dir. Mary Ann Jolley, 2018

Anna Ochoa O’Leary

I Was Born in Mexico, But…

dir. Corey Ohama, 2013

Two Americans: Fighting Deportation in Arizona

dir. Daniel DeVivo and Valeria Fernández, 2016