Documentary Production & Documentary Problems
By Shara K. Lange

Documentary Lesson Plan
By Shara K. Lange

"Ball Licky-Lickly!" Pedagogical Strategies for Interrogating Pop Culture Images
By Özlem Sensoy

Teaching Afghan Women: A History of Struggle
By Shoba Rajgopal

Creating Spaces for Community Engagement through Documentary Film: My Social Action Project
By Anna Zailik

Community Engagement Lesson Plan
By Anna Zailik

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Journal Issue 4.1
Spring-Summer 2012
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"Ball Licky-Lickly!" Pedagogical Strategies for Interrogating Pop Culture Images

By Özlem Sensoy

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Özlem Sensoy is associate professor in the Faculty of Education and associate faculty in the Department of Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University. She conducts research in social justice education, critical media literacy, and representations of the Middle East and Islam in and beyond schools. Her research articles have appeared in journals including Gender & Education, Race Ethnicity and Education, and Rethinking Schools. She is the author (with Robin DiAngelo) of the publication Is Everyone Really Equal? An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education (Teachers College Press, 2012).



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