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Transnational feminists have long criticized U.S. feminist scholars for their imperialistic application of U.S.–centric feminist concepts in the study of other countries and regions of the world, particularly third world countries. While Young does import the idea of the public/private split, she does not codify it imperialistically. Her reassessment of the concept takes the incessant relinquishing of overt and inferential forms of imperialism as a central critical imperative.

Young’s influence is evident in the two Signs special issues on War and Terror: Raced-Gendered Logics and Effects, Summer 2007 (32:4) and Fall 2007 (33:1). In the second of these issues, which focuses on the effects of war and terror beyond conflict zones, two articles explicitly engage Young’s arguments: Zakia Salime’s “The War on Terrorism: Appropriation and Subversion by Moroccan Women” and Browyn Winter’s “Preemptive Fridge Magnets and Other Weapons of Masculinist Destruction: The Rhetoric and Reality of ‘Safeguarding Australia.’”

—Kelly Coogan

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