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Still from Somaye (dir. Mostafa Heravi, 2009). Used with permission from Women's Voices Now.




Journal Issue 3.2
Fall 2011
Edited by Julie Ann Salthouse, Jillian Hernandez, Agatha Beins, Karen Alexander, and Deanna Utroske
Editorial Assistants: A.J. Barks and Anna Zailik


Special Feature


Women's Voices from the Muslim World Festival:
Filmmakers Share their Stories
Introduction by Julie Ann Salthouse
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Artist's Statement by Ayten Amin
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Artist's Statement by Mostafa Heravi
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Artist's Statement by Laila Hotait Salas
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Film Festival Coverage

Report from the Full Frame Documentary Festival, 2011
By Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell
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Report from Queer Documentary Film Festival (QDoc, - Portland, Oregon
By Beth Hutchison
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From One Prison
(dir. Carol Jacobsen, 1994)
Sin by Silence
(dir. Olivia Klaus, 2009)
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Reviewed by

Wendy Kozol

Girl Trouble
(dir. Lexi Leban & Lidia Szajko, 2004)

Girls on the Wall
(dir. Heather Ross, 2009)

Mothers of Bedford
(dir. Jennifer McShane, 2011)
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Joanne Belknap

China Blue
(dir. Micha X. Peled, 2005)

Diving Women of Jeju-Do
(dir. Barbara Hammer, 2007)

Summer Pasture
(dir. Lynn True, Nelson Walker, and Tsering Perlo, 2010)
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Yasmin Cho

!Women Art Revolution
(dir. Lynn Hershman Leeson, 2010)

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Margo Hobbs Thompson

Seen, But Not Heard: AIDS and the Untold War Against Black Women
(dir. Cyrille Phipps, 2008)
A Horse Is Not a Metaphor
(dir. Barbara Hammer, 2009)
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Pamela Moss

Fem Crit: Experimental Works for Educational Environments
(dir. Lisa Hayes, Dawn Wilkinson, Sara Halprin, Kay Armatage, Helen Lee, Lisa Morse, and Melissa Levin 2005)
A Touch of Greatness
(dir. Leslie Sullivan, 2004)
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Mel Michelle Lewis

Inch'Allah Dimanche
(dir. Yamina Benguigui, 2001)

My American Girls: A Dominican Story
(dir. Aaron Matthews, 2001)

In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee
(dir. Deann Borshay Liem, 2010)
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Catherine Douillet

Cowboys in Paradise
(dir. Amit Virmani, 2009)

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Adeline Koh

Absolutely Safe
(dir. Carol Ciancutti-Leyva, 2008)

She's a Boy I Knew
(dir. Gwen Haworth, 2007)

Mrs. Goundo's Daughter
(dir. Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater, 2009)
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Elizabeth Reis

My Toxic Baby
(dir. Min Sook Lee, 2009)
Latching On: The Politics of Breastfeeding in America
(dir. Katja Esson, 2010)
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Erin Arizzi

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