Special Feature: When Class Time Is Screen Time


“Zoomed Out”: Teaching & Learning During a Pandemic

by Shamethia Webb

Reflections from Students

The Zoom Classroom

by Brianna Davis

Practicing Virtual Compassion: Feminist Pedagogy and the Online Sphere

by Ashley Casale

Encouraging Academic Motivation in a Distance Learning Environment

by Cat Brooks

Distance and Virtual Learning: What I Would Change

by Jake Balthazor

Online Learning: Throw out the Textbook

by Jessica Wiese

Behind the Screen: Lessons from Online Learning

by Keziah Abigail

I Might Need a Visit to the Ophthalmologist after This Semester

by Faith Nkansah-Siriboe

Learning in Solidarity

by Natalia L. Walton

Lesson Plan

The Pink Velvet Veld: A Google Interactive Library

by Nekeeta Borden




Aída Hurtado

Stolen Education

dir. Rudy Luna, 2013

Teach Us All

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Karen Culcasi

Day One

dir. Lori Miller, 2019


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Cait McKinney

All We’ve Got

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The Archivettes

dir. Megan Rossman, 2018

Valerie Mendoza

The Mexican Suitcase (La Maleta Mexicana)

dir. Trisha Ziff, 2011

Life in Stills

dir. Tamar Tal, 2011

Lives: Visible

dir. Michelle Citron, 2017

Finding Vivian Maier

dir. John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, 2013

Eunbi Lee

Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent

dir. Jimmy Leipold, 2018

Post Truth Times: We the Media

dir. Héctor Carré, 2017

Tanya Zion-Waldoks

Radical Grace

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Hip Hop Hijabis

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Lone Samaritan

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Sara Giordano

Asking Different Questions: Women and Science

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Race - The Power of an Illusion

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The Condor and the Eagle

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Jennifer A. Parks


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Maggie’s Story

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Stephanie Luce

Waging Change

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The Right to Vend

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