Introduction: Playing and Pedagogy

by Agatha Beins

“Playing and Pedagogy” Lesson Plans

When Rivers Were Trails

by Elizabeth LaPensée and Nichlas Emmons

Collaboratively Crafting Feminist Documentary Games

by Susana Ruiz

Pre-service Teachers Learning to Analyze Games: The Case of Spent

by Mamta Shah

“Playing and Pedagogy” Essays

A Primer for Telling Critical Stories through Accessible Games

by Erin Kathleen Bahl, Sergio C. Figueiredo, and Jeffrey D. Greene

Lessons from the (Virtual) Field: What Basketball Videogames Teach the Youth

by Yann Descamps

Getting Hands-on with Virtual Spaces: An Approach to Students’ Unequal Prior Experiences of Digital Media

by Lawrence May

On the Uses of Videogames for American Studies Curriculums

by Aaron Pedinotti

“We played with them like they were tamagotchis!” Reflections on Ethics and Difference While Playing The Migrant Trail

by Hugo Santos, Lucinda Saldanha, Sofia Castanheira Pais, and Pedro Daniel Ferreira

“Playing and Pedagogy” Reviews




Rebecca S. Richards

It's You: A Breakup Story

designed by BRWarner Studios, 2018

Alisha Karabinus

Gamer Girls

dir. Nina Salmons, 2012

Geek Girls

dir. Gina Hara, 2017

Jennifer Malkowski

Gaming in Color

dir. Philip Jones, 2014

Shamethia Webb

Game Over: Gender, Race & Violence in Video Games

dir. Nina Huntemann, 2000

Joystick Warriors: Video Games, Violence & the Culture of Militarism

dir. Roger Sorkin, 2013