Welcoming Films for the Feminist Classroom to Texas Woman’s University

by Agatha Beins

It is with great joy and gratitude that I take on the editorship of Films for the Feminist Classroom (FFC). Joy, because I believe this project is an important voice in feminist pedagogy, and I am thrilled to be a part of its continued existence. And gratitude because I am inheriting a wonderful project that carries with it the insight, energy, and labor of so many people, and, in particular, that of Karen Alexander and Deanna Utroske whose vision and commitment to pedagogy allowed FFC to move from an idea to a reality. My gratitude extends, as well, to those who have worked to make this journal possible since its first issue in spring 2009. Previous editorial collective members Jillian Hernandez, Anne Keefe, Ariella Rotramel, and Julie Ann Salthouse donated their time and expertise to curating a journal with a rich mix of film reviews, critical interrogations of film and pedagogy, and deeper portrayals of filmmakers. FFC has also been fortunate to receive the talents of editorial assistants and interns A.J. Barks, Julie Chatzinoff, Vera Hinsey, Katherine O’Connor, Alyssa Roarke, Cassandra Scherr, Sara West, Anna Zailik, and Mimi Zander.

The journal’s transition from Rutgers to Texas Woman’s University (TWU) has been nearly seamless—thanks to the advice and wisdom from former FFC editorial collective members, Signs editor and FFC advocate Mary Hawkesworth, the Rutgers University Women’s and Gender Studies Department, the TWU Department of Women’s Studies, and the Office of Technology at TWU. Claire Sahlin, chair of Women’s Studies at TWU, has been extraordinarily generous with her guidance and support as FFC has established itself in its new home. Regarding the more technical side of the transition, I’d like to highlight the assistance of Trevor Jones, who transferred all the FFC content to TWU’s servers and ensured that all the journal’s web pages were accessible. Christopher Johnson has been vital specifically to the publication of this issue by lending his web design skills, and I am grateful for the ways that his acumen continues to enhance the journal’s aesthetics and ease of use. This issue would also not have been possible without Jessica Camp, a PhD student in Women’s Studies, whose work as the editorial assistant has ranged widely, including requesting films for review, identifying reviewers, copyediting, and corresponding with filmmakers and distributors. Lastly, I wish to voice my thanks to Gail Orlando, the Senior Secretary in the Department of Women’s Studies, for going above and beyond her regular duties to navigate administrative roadblocks.

Despite all this support, our efforts to publish the spring 2014 issue have met with a few snags and setbacks as we navigated the more technical aspects of publishing. Thus I offer my deep appreciation to the contributors to this issue. Their patience, willingness to accommodate our editorial deadlines, and quick replies to our queries have epitomized scholarly generosity, and their wonderful contributions will benefit many educators.

As we continue to publish, I hope that FFC will grow, offer a wider range of content, and gain visibility among feminists, educators, and filmmakers. We welcome proposals from educators, activists, and junior and senior scholars not only for film reviews but also for special features that explore a particular topic more deeply; lesson plans that use or teach about film and video media; reviews of film festivals; and interviews with those involved in making and distributing films. You can find more information at our call for proposals. Please also take some time to read this issue and browse through past issues, as well as to “like” us on Facebook to receive updates about the journal and announcements about events, scholarship, and films that may be of interest to our readers. Let us collectively and collaboratively teach and learn from each other in this space as we explore different pedagogies and practices related to films. And let us create in FFC a forum for rich, vibrant discussions containing a breadth of voices and exciting assemblage of films.

Thanks, again, to all who have made this moment possible and also to all our future contributors.