Guidelines for Submitting Film Reviews


Please allot about 350 words per film reviewed, so, for example, a review of three films should be approximately 1,050 words long.


Heading: At the top of page 1, list the titles (including subtitles), year, director, and the location and name of the production studio or distributor of the films under review, followed by your name and affiliation, as shown in this example:

Children of the Crocodile. 2001. Directed by Marsha Emerman. New York: Women Make Movies. 52 minutes.

Reviewed by Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Hamilton College


Identify all individuals by first and last names at first mention in text. Be sure to check quotations for accuracy.


Please adhere to the deadline assigned to your review. If you find that you are unable to meet that deadline, please email our office so that we may arrange an alternative due date.


Cite any texts in endnotes (not parenthetical references). Use superscript Arabic numerals, and number endnotes consecutively to correspond with the numbers in the text. In text, place endnote numbers at the ends of sentences, after any punctuation. Endnote style follows the Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.). Below are examples:

1 Linda M. G. Zerilli, Feminism and the Abyss of Freedom (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006), 140.

2 Faith Smith, “Beautiful Indians, Troublesome Negros, and Nice White Men: Caribbean Romances and the Invention of Trinidad,” in Caribbean Romances: The Politics of Representation, ed. Belinda Edmondson (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1999), 163-82.

3 Shirin Rai, “Knowledge and/as Power: A Feminist Critique of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights,” Gender, Technology, and Development 7, no. 1 (2003): 91-113.

4 Zerilli, 33-65.

Cite inclusive page numbers (see, e.g., n. 3 above) when referencing an entire article. Cite a single page number (see, e.g., n. 1 above) when quoting or referencing a specific passage. Second and later references to a previously cited work should be referred to by the author’s last name (see, e.g., n. 4 above) and, in the case of several previous citations of works by the same author, by the title.


Please provide a brief biography (of about 100 words) to accompany your contribution. Consider including your current position and titles of your most recent publications. If you’d like you may include your e-mail address or other contact information in your biography.

Thank you for following these guidelines. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us (